Message from the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan

I sincerely emphasize that Pakistan is an ideal place for investment. The width and scope of developmental potential of Pakistan are indeed enormous. My government has initiated and rigorously follow a very liberal and friendly investment regime through which I wish to impress upon the investors the viability of investing in Pakistan.

I particularly wish to highlight that Pakistan is blessed with tremendous potential resources that are capable to generate a long term and sustainable economic development. With a contiguous 1000 kilometers long coastal line Pakistan provides opportunities for incomparable access to the widespread central Asian region. Pakistan is the repository of 6th largest human resource that is second to none in terms of its youthful vitality. The consumer base of the country is expanding by the day bringing in rich windfall to old established more than 1000 multinational companies producing and providing international brands.

Following the progressive policies of my government Pakistan has embarked upon an unprecedented infrastructure and service provision program. Very thoughtfully conceived and projected plans include exploiting millions of megawatt potential in wind, solar and hydro electric spheres. The extensive coal reserves of Pakistan estimated at 175 billion tons are planned to be utilized for increasing power capability of the country. Pakistan also possesses substantial shale gas reserves tentatively estimated to be in the region of 105 trillion cubic feet.

I very often point out that the traditional as well as non-traditional sector of our economy offer the business community great opportunities to invest in the country and to have maximum dividends. The engineering, infrastructure, power, horticulture and manufacturing sectors are some of the areas where exists great potential to be further explored for mutual benefit of all investors.

I am positive that the massive China Pakistan Economic Corridor project will be a game changer in the region. Appropriately billed as China’s “Pivot to Asia”, this progressive venture will positively alter the ground realities. It will lead to socioeconomic development of the people and integrate various sectors of economy into value addition chain. The benefits to the corridor will be extended to a population of more than three billion.

I welcome Chinese firms to invest in Pakistan and assure them that Government of Pakistan is steadfastly committed to provide all possible assistance towards attaining our common goals.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

(Prime Minister of Pakistan)

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