PML-N made history by ending energy crisis, says Shahbaz

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said PML-N efforts to end energy crisis will be written in golden words in history.

Talking to a PML-N delegation in London on Sunday, he said the PML-N government successfully steered the country out of darkness. Besides, work on all other development projects had been expedited. “Our government has set up many power plants through its own resources while China being a great friend also cooperated. The CPEC is a great project of development. After its completion, it will not only change the destiny of Pakistan but the whole region,” he claimed.

He said when the PML-N came into power, the energy crisis had become very intriguing. Poverty and unemployment were the gifts of corruption by former rulers. He said: “On the one hand, we are confronting the former corrupt rulers and, on the other, those indulged in negative politics. The nation will never forgive such people. The people of Pakistan want solution to their problems and prosperity of the country and the same is the agenda of the PML-N government. Our astute people have rejected the sit-in trendsetters and they don’t want chaos in the country.”

He hoped people would make politics of public service, reliance and transparency successful in the elections of 2018 while those involved in politics of lies would be left botched. Meanwhile, in a statement, he condemned the Quetta Church attack. He expressed grief over the loss of lives and extended condolences to bereaved families. He also prayed for quick recovery of the injured. “Christians living in Pakistan are our brothers. Those attacking innocent people are enemies of humanity and not entitled to any exemption. These coward activities of terrorists can’t shatter the nation’s commitment and we will eliminate this menace with the power of unity,” he said.

The CM will leave for Pakistan today (18th December, 2017). He had a medical check-up on Sunday and was declared healthy by doctors. Addressing a meeting at the Chief Minister’s Office through video link, he said there was the need to expand the Saaf Pani project in a professional manner.

He said potable water was the right of every citizen and the Punjab government evolved a big programme in this regard. He said the aim of provision of potable water to people is to save them from diseases. He said the project witnessed delay due to some elements in the past. Now this delay is being redressed through speedy work. The project is also being implemented rapidly in all tehsils of South Punjab.

He said the Punjab government adopted an internal audit system in every project and also introduced a mechanism of 3rd party audit. “We all have to move forward as a team and make this programme a success,” he said.

The chief secretary, the chairman Planning and Development, the secretary to CM, the DG Anti-Corruption and other officials attended the meeting while the secretary Housing and the MD Wasa participated in the meeting from Turkey through video link.

In another statement, he expressed sorrow over a traffic accident near Kasur. He prayed may Allah Almighty bless the departed souls in eternal peace and give patience to lamenting families to bear this irreparable loss with fortitude. He directed the administration to provide best medical treatment to the injured.

(Source: The News)

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