PTV to telecast Urdu-dubbed Chinese drama

A 36-episode television series called Beijing Youth will be on-air on PTV, tweeted Chinese ambassador Lijian Zhao. This will be the first time that a Chinese TV series will arrive in Pakistan.

Recently, China Radio International and the state television of Pakistan signed an agreement to broadcast the series on PTV. According to the agreement, 36 sets of Urdu-language TV series Beijing Youth compiled by international networks will be broadcasted on the evening prime time of Pakistani state television from early November.

According to the Chinese ambassador, Beijing Youth will also be a tribute to the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence.

Ahmed, the deputy director of the Pakistani state television station, highly praised the translation of the series. “The translation of the drama is in place, the quality of the sound is good, the actors in the play are very capable and we can concentrate on the modern China’s customs,” he said.

Under the Belt and Road plan of the Chinese and Pakistani government, documentaries and animated series have been translated from Chinese to Urdu.

As per a website, China Radio International has developed rapidly in recent years by translating and broadcasting Chinese films and television programmes in various languages.

(Source: GEO)

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